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To: International Students (Process Flow of Finding a Room)
Process Flow of Finding a Room
Moving in
You can move into the room after receiving the key to the room from a real-estate agent on and after the day of the contract.
Since the rent is effective on the date of contract, you are not allowed to receive the key before that date.
The owner of the room, in line with the contract, will be expecting you with the room being clean and tidy, so please refrain from changing your moving-in schedule several times without careful consideration.

Explanations concerning moving-in will be given by a real-estate agent!
    The explanation is given in Japanese, so please listen carefully until you understand the contents. Among others, the following points need to be understood thoroughly.
Garbage collection point (Please check the day of the collection and separation rules individually.)
Method and due date of monthly rent payment
Procedures for electricity, water, and gas (contacts, etc.)
How many months before the date of moving out should you give the notice of the cancellation of the contract?
Whether pets are allowed or not.
Reminders during occupancy
Observe the residence regulations given at the time of contract!
The following are the rules you must observe as a Beppu City resident and as a member of society. If you do not follow the rules, you may be ordered to leave immediately, so pay particular attention to them.
Observe the due date for rent payment every month. In most apartments, tenants who fail to pay rent for two month will be ordered to leave immediately.
Do not disturb the neighborhood by talking in a loud voice or by making noise at a party. Such tenant may be ordered to leave immediately.
It is a breach of contract if a person other than the tenant specified in the contract lodges the room, so please make sure to contact the real-estate agency.
Please separate the rubbish properly. Tenants who fail to follow the manners of rubbish disposal may be ordered to leave immediately.
When sharing a room, please do not change your room mate until you move out. When there is a change of a contractor (a tenant), make sure to contact the real-estate agent. Changing a tenant without permission of a real-estate agent is a breach of contract and the tenant will be ordered to leave immediately.
For use of electricity, water, and gas, you need to register with utility companies.
The light turns on when you switch on the breaker in the room. You will find a postcard from Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. in your mailbox. Fill in the necessary items in the postcard and mail it back to the electric company. If you fail to do this immediately, power supply will be suspended.
The water runs when you turn the tap. Please confirm how to make the water utility payment at the time of the move-in explanation.
Ask the gas company to come and open the gas valve. Unless the valve is opened, you cannot use the hot water for kitchen and bathroom. Please confirm the gas company contact at the time of the move-in explanation.
Moving out