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To: International Students (Process Flow of Finding a Room)
Process Flow of Finding a Room
Finding at real-estate agents.
Find a room at trustworthy real-estate agents.
Speak in Japanese when you talk with real-estate agent staff.
Unless you understand Japanese, you not only do not know details about a room nor you may not be allowed to rent a room.
Select a room

Tell a real-estate agent your requirements for a room you are looking for so that they find a suitable one for you.
Narrow down your requirements beforehand about rent rates, location, and amenities.
Visit rooms.
Visit rooms you prefer!
Make sure to be punctual for an appointment with a real-estate agent.
Please contact the real-estate agent when you are unavailable.
Check whether your requirements are met, such as whether amenities are provides as requested.
Also check a nearest bus stop, supermarket, convenience store, etc.
Decide on a room
Make a decision after full understanding of room’s requirements and surrounding environment.
Depending on real-estate agents, you may be requested to pay application money (a deposit or earnest money) and cancellation charges. Please make careful decision!
Enter a Contract
Make sure to listen to “Explanatory Note of Important Matters!”
“Explanatory Note of Important Matters” is crucial. These instructions may be given at the time of application, but in most cases are given immediately before entering a contract. Make sure to listen to them carefully.
If you have anything unclear in the instructions, please feel free to contact Creotech.
Make sure to read the contract in advance!
ˇ Look through the contract and identify points you are unclear about, such as items regarding the deposit money at the time of moving out, contract renewal fee, contract renewal service charges, etc., so that you can ask questions at the time of signing the contract. Since there are numerous problems that come from failing to do this, it is recommended that you obtain a standard contract in advance at the time of application. Cancellation of a contract causes trouble to many people, so please make sure to sign the contract only after you fully understand the contents.
If you are unclear about the contents of the contract, please feel free to contact Creotech.
Also make sure to have a clear understanding of how to adjust the Payment at the Time of Moving Out.
The calculation of adjustments is based on actual costs or fixed charges.
    Adjustments based on actual costs:Repair charges will be paid based on the contents of the contract.
Adjustments based on fixed charge:A fixed amount will be subtracted from the deposit without condition regardless of the status of the room usage.
Put your seal after you fully understand the contents of a “contract” and the “Explanatory Note of Important Matters!”
If you are unclear about the contents of the contract, please feel free to contact Creotech.
Moving in