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Creotech Co., Ltd.
APU Office
2nd Floor, APU Headqaurters Building
1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu City
From “find a roomEto “moving-outE width=
1.Finding a room
  Please contact us by phone regarding a condominium you wish to live in.
0977-88-5954 (Creotech APU Office)
Office Hours:
9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays
  In the “Finding a Room” screen, narrow down your requirements in advance, including rent rates, location, equipment, etc.
  You can view the details of the property information in Creotech’s website. By clicking the ”contact” button you can send an inquiry to Creotech via email.
2.Introducing /showing properties
  For those who wish to view rooms, we will take them over to show the properties.
3.Application for Occupancy/Contract
  Please come over to our office or make application by phone.
If you live in a remote area, you need not to come over to the office. Application can be made by phone.
However, we cannot accept applications from those who have already applied for another property or those whose admission to APU is undecided.
Provisional reservations/acceptance are not possible.
In the case of making application by phone, we will send you the contract document and will call you at a later date to explain the contents of the contract, etc.
  Contract deposit/documents
In principle, please pay the contract deposit via a bank transfer, and return the contract documents in the stamped and self-addressed envelope within two weeks from the date of signing the contract.
Documents required for contract
Tenant (Student)
Co-signer (Person with parental authority)
ˇSeal (Signet)
ˇCopy of a notification of acceptance
ˇtwo identification photographs
*A copy of student identification card (For current student)
ˇSeal (registered personal seal)
ˇSeal registration certificate
ˇResidence certificate
  A key to a room will be handed over on and after the date of signing the contract. At the same time, explanation will be given regarding how to pay the rent payment and reminders during occupancy. We may have to keep you waiting at peak times, for which we would like to ask for your understanding.
The time for the key hand over acceptance is same as the time specified in 1.
Please take a necessary procedure for gas and electricity service in advance. Contact information for utility service will be enclosed along with the contract document.
No particular procedure is necessary for water bill as the fixed sum is subtracted with rent.
5.Reminders during occupancy
The following are the rules you must observe as a Beppu City resident and as a member of society. If you do not follow the rules, you may be ordered to leave immediately, so pay particular attention to them.
Observe the due date for rent payment every month.
Do not disturb the neighborhood by talking in a loud voice or by making noise at a party. Such tenant may be ordered to leave immediately.
Please separate the rubbish properly. Tenants who fail to follow the manners of rubbish disposal may be ordered to leave immediately.
The light turns on when you switch on the breaker in the room. You will find a postcard from Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. in your mailbox. Fill in the necessary items in the postcard and mail it back to the electric company. If you fail to do this immediately, power supply will be suspended.
Ask the gas company to come and open the gas valve. Unless the valve is opened, you cannot use the hot water for kitchen and bathroom.
  Please submit a moving-out notice “one monthEbefore the move out. On the day of the move out, Creotech, the occupant, and maintenance personnel will check the room (Moving-out inspection).
Please make sure that all packages have been carried out so that the key is ready to be returned before the time of moving-out inspection.
  Preparation for moving out
Please take necessary steps to discontinue electricity, gas and other service (four to five days before the date of the moving)
At the time discontinuation of gas service, gas company personnel come over to the condominium to stop the service.
Make sure to discontinue Cable TV subscription, the Internet access and newspaper delivery service.
Please submit “Notification of Address ChangeEto a post office. the address change notification sheet is available at post offices.
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