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Real-Estate Glossary
Rent Money to be paid to rent a room.
Advance rent Rent to be paid in advance
Deposit A security payment made to the owner/landlord when renting a room.
Key money The money is paid to a landlord before moving in from the tenant.
This money is nonrefundable.
Guarantee deposit Money to be paid as a proof that a tenant is responsible for keeping a room clean.
Contract renewal service fee Commission to be paid when renewing a contract.
Intermediate agent A company which intermediate between those who wish to rent a room and those who wish to let a room and take a necessary procedure for a contract
Real-estate company A company which sells and lets buildings and properties
Agent fee A remuneration to be paid to an intermediary agent when a decision on a room to rent was made.
Explanatory note of important matters An explanation given by a real-estate company to clients and parties involved regarding important matters concerning the contract. In short, it is called “Jusetsu.E/td>
Real estate transaction specialist A personnel charged with sale, rent, replacement agent service and intermediary service of properties and buildings.
Rental contract document A written document stating various rules exchanged between a lesser and lessee
Lesser Landlord, owner.
Lessee Those who rent rooms or houses
co-signer A person who agrees to be liable for a person renting a room
Certificate of registered seal impression A document issued by a city mayor, etc., which proves authenticity of the impression of the registered seal.
Per-diem rent Amount of rent calculated on a pro-rate basis
Common-area service charge Fee to be paid for shared space of apartments, etc., such as stairs, corridors, outdoor light, rubbish disposal, etc.
Service charge Cost for maintenance of shared space of apartments, allocated to each room on a monthly basis.
Neighborhood association fee

Operation fee for neighborhood

Property management company A company entrusted to provide maintenance and management service of condominiums and buildings.
Fire insurance premium Charges to be paid so that damages of buildings caused by fire can be restored by insurance.
Home contents insurance premium Charges to be paid so that repair charges, etc., of damages to PCs, desks, clothes and other personal effects caused by fire can be covered by insurance.
* All international students are to join an insurance called “International Student Housing General Compensation Plan.EIn order to have APU become a guarantee, students are required to join this insurance.
Notification of termination of contract Document to be submitted when terminating a rental contract of an apartment.
Emergency contact Names and phone numbers of individuals who can respond to calls at the time of emergency.
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